From its origins as a traditional documentary film production company, Prana Eyes Media is adapting a more holistic approach to media communications.

We believe in the power of media to transform communities around the world. To fulfill that purpose, we create custom integrated communications campaigns designed to reach communities in need and share the message with broader audiences worldwide.

Our current project, The Little Prince of the Andes, exemplifies our approach to an integrated communications campaign. We are utilizing various media and art forms to transform the red light district of El Alto, Bolivia and help underaged sex workers in particular. We also produce media to bring awareness about these important social issues to audiences around the world.

Our local communications and outreach strategies are a blend of theater, photography, video, and art therapy classes, combined with public performances, banners, posters, and projections for the community. Our global outreach strategies consist of an online transmedia platform that uses shorter videos and educational material to share the stories of underage sex workers and a documentary film for broadcast and theatrical release. We are partnering with several local NGOs as well as Latin American and global networks of organizations working with street children and underage sexworkers. We are thrilled by the support we have to date and hope to assist these foundations to bring these important messages back home to their communities.

Founded by filmmaker and journalist Tupac Saavedra in 2004, Prana Eyes Media has produced four documentaries for public broadcast: Bolivian Baroque, On the Road with Evo, The Price of Gas, and My Five Years with Evo. In addition to these films, Prana Eyes has produced videos for the MacArthur Foundation, The ACLU, ORACLE, Bolivian NGOs, SF Contemporary Music Society, the SF Marathon, YES Magazine, Latino Public Broadcast and TIME/CNN.